Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I want more!

I am hoping to spend quite a bit of time whilst in California swimming with princess OTW as she has been having lessons since only a couple of months old. In preparation for this I have been trying to lose weight as I have no wish to frighten too many people with my pasty English frame. With two weeks to go before we arrive in Ca I have reached my target and with another couple of weeks of manual work I should be ready to play the perfect dad...or at least I will until faced with my nemesis...Doritos. Doritos...a snack I discovered only last year are the bane of my life,I just can't get enough of their cheesy chili wonderfulness.Breakfast,dinner and tea I am to be found crunching away...fingers orange with Dorito dust...I'm doomed!


Bou said...

Just read your comment at my place.

Pretty much just use common sense with the sun. Don't have her out at Noon. When my children were young, I'd take them to the beach or park in the mornings and late afternoons. If you're going to be at a pool or some place like that, just get her a little rashguard shirt and slather her frequently with sunscreen. Everything over SPF 45 isn't any greater than SPF 45.

Email me if you want... its nothing to worry about... but just to be aware of. And my biggest concern really is the adults. Everyone looks after the babies, but the adults forget about themselves.

Also... make sure if you buy sunglasses that you get them with good UV protection. If it just blocks out the light, it can do more damage.

phlegmfatale said...

Doritos ARE kind of evil. I love them, too, but almost never eat them, it seems.

Putz said...

yes, that dust always embarasses me, fingers face suit pants especially when i eat the whole super bag

Thud said...

The orange fingers always make me feel guilty.

BobG said...

I prefer chicharrones myself.