Saturday, 7 June 2008

Knock Knock

On my travels to and from work I pass many new build houses and I am often struck by the poverty of detail in the various attempts at modern housing. Doors in particular have become mere holes in walls filled with a plastic or metal faux panel door with no real attempt at embellishment save for a vestigial porch or rain hood. The door in the picture above is one I pass everyday and have only now just taken any real notice of. This door performs its primary function yet it also delights the eye whilst also delineating the change from the public to the private realm.The door is an important part of a separates the individual from the world when privacy or rest are needed, modern doors just don't allow for the sense of security a solid barrier engenders....I still want a moat!


phlegmfatale said...

That door IS stunning. While they're handing out moats, may I have one too, please?

DirtCrashr said...

All's it need is a nice portcullis! And moats are good - call it a water hazard at the 19th Hole, and a place to keep the pet aligators.

Bou said...

We have plenty of gators here where I live. Even have them in the backyard at times. I moat would be very convenient for them habitat-wise... right now they just live in a lake in the back.

Our doors are not so wonderful either. Of course we have to make sure our doors are hurricane proof, but still... I would love to have a great door like that one.

Lin said...

That entry way is absolutely stunning! Don't suppose they would consider an 'upgrade' to pre-hung foam-core pressed steel and let you have the old arrangement?
Sadly, I have seen exactly that happen in the past.