Thursday, 19 June 2008

True Brit 8

Yesterday was the 193 rd anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo....possibly England's greatest victory in its long history.In this battle, Europe was finally rid of the scourge of French rule and Napoleon was consigned to final exile. The architect of this victory was Arthur Wellesley...the Duke of Wellington, England's finest ever military leader. In India,France and Europe he was undefeated by all England's enemies and thrashed all of the Imperial Marshalls sent against him.In this final battle he mastered the Corsican ogre himself in a fierce slugging match of a battle in which Wellington utilised his tactical awareness to grind down a superior French army until fresh Prussian forces arrived in the evening. American readers probably don't know much about the man..suffice to say that the war of 1812 would have resulted in more than the burning of Washington had Wellington been in command...lucky for us all I think! After Waterloo Wellington went on to an illustrious political career combined with a rather colourful private life rather unlike our current spineless,colourless and cowardly leaders of today...a rabble a true Brit like himself would have quickly swept away.


Putz said...

what, you are not enamured with our gordon brown//??

BobG said...

Looks a bit like Christopher Lee when he was younger, doesn't he?