Saturday, 21 June 2008

You must be joking.

In the week that Osama bin dead's right hand man was released to live a nice comfy life in Britain, this happened. Britain is full of the criminal rubbish of Europe, Africa and Asia....not a day goes by without reports of murders,kidnaps and assaults involving foreign criminals.Many of these people are here illegally but some just...lie!..or come from hellholes that don't keep proper records.I don't care much for Martha but she is the victim of coming from a law abiding country and because of her profile she is being victimised...white?,m not sure of the reason but if we can let in fellow American and allstar rapist Mike Tyson I'm sure we can let in Martha, after all whats the worse that can happen...tasty cookies?...I can sleep easier tonight safe in the knowledge that our great govt has kept out such a threat to the national wellbeing.

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Lord Roby said...

Whaaat! I'm renouncing my peerage!