Friday, 25 July 2008

Cowboys and cowgirls

I attended a rodeo in Spanish Fork Utah on Wednesday,a small town a few miles away from where I am staying. It was a fantastic evening and family OTW enjoyed it immensely.Besides the unashamed displays of patriotism allied with superb horsemanship I just enjoyed the freedom from petty rules.As England and much of the west is strangled by petty health and safety rules coupled with various rights,it was refreshing to be treated as a responsible adult. Yes..if you climbed through the easily climbed bars you may be trampled by a rather large bull...but no idiot hi vis signs to hector one like a child were needed. One of the highlights for the various children present was the kiddies riding sheep...little cowboys and girls in the making....sure the little uns got a tad roughed up but did they have fun?....absolutely! I just hope middle America can hold tight to these values that for the rest of us have slipped away never to be regained.Under a starry Utah sky I was able for awhile to remember the world of my youth...oh and yes...I got to wear my stetson!


Putz said...

well u missed ephraim utah, just went on by with not so much a howdoyoudo, we had a pioneer parade also, i waved to the prophet, now watching the tour de france, so you are missing that here and expically wimbelton

Thud said...

I came in from the north but I don,t think we passed Ephraim.