Sunday, 27 July 2008

Utah Saints.

Family OTW are setting off on the trek to California in the morning after having as is usual' an amazing time in Utah with my sister La Serenissima and family complete with Rodeo and Parade. Utah is such a strange place....very American yet also feeling slightly different...a little unworldly,and I love it. I had no time to seek out Bob.g and Putz as my new daughter Princess OTW was taking up all my time discovering the joys of large family life and it was such a pleasure to watch her grow in confidence when surrounded by such good people. I think we managed to sort out selling our house in Salem and I am looking forward to building more here if and when the market allows. Well it's back to the Californian home hunt and hopefully some good wine with out Vinodogs....Princess OTW is coming!


monkey said...

Your love for tractors may be to much if you have bought that for princess OTW. How will she reach the pedals? Im surethe lads will have something to say aswell.

BobG said...

Glad you enjoyed a stay here in the "Land of Deseret"; come back again when you have more time on your hands to get to know the place. Good luck with the home hunting in California.

Putz said...

yes, i watched that parade with all those "saints" ,enjoy your wine now that you are out of utah