Friday, 11 July 2008

Lovely people.

I have lately reduced the frequency of posts about Islam in England...not through lack of material, more because the sheer amount of horrific incidents had started to depress me.Now revitalised by distance and the Californian sun I can plunge back into the morass of Islamic life in Britain.Today's post courtesy of the religion of peace does not require much clarification....yet again Islam shows just how much it contributes to British society...just what would we do without these productive individuals?...all apparently as British as me...does anybody really think so? does anybody know of anything they have contributed to British life?...tell me!...oh...and don't mention curry...can't stand the stuff and it doesn't quite make up for honour killings and suicide bombings.


Gallimaufry said...

If only Monty Python were still around to do a "What have the Muslims done for us sketch?" Aside from looking after Latin and Greek classics - how did the Arabs get hold of the libraries precisely?-what did they do?
Nice blog btw

monkey said...

I too have been a bit slack on ranting about these scum bags lately, Im sure ill contribute later as im starting to twitch.