Wednesday, 9 July 2008

G and T

Family OTW have settled nicely into our home here in Ca and are enjoying the much reported heatwave.Temps are heading north of 107 and everything that doesn't keep in the cool seems to be catching fire.As a stiff upper lip Englishman I am enjoying the heat immensely...after all...there are no fuzzie wuzzies to contend with! Britain at the moment seems to be in the grip of some sort of monsoon!...has the nulabour socialist govt finally taken the leap into making the weather more homely for all our imported citizens?..we deserve to be told. On a lighter note I have found that a liberal imbibing of very cold G and T at the end of the day does help seeing these natural disasters in a much more positive light....well thats my excuse.


monkey said...

Thats the high street in Bradford. G and T is a an English summer drink where as at the moment we are drinking mulled wine usually consumed during winter.

DirtCrashr said...

My consumption of rum and limeade has reached staggering proportions!
Yar matey!