Monday, 7 July 2008

True Brit 10

Both England and America in these trying times we live in seem cursed with a plethora of either average,spineless or downright dangerous traitorous politicians. It is always easy to look back on the past and wish for bygone giants made even bigger by their passing but I refuse to believe either country would not benefit from the presence of Lady Margaret Thatcher. I know the lady had many faults and can be viewed as a divisive force in politics but she did have moral values,loyalty and courage.....characteristics sadly lacking today in so many of our leaders.Does anybody think for one minute that midget Putin's Russia or asmadasahatter of Iran would be so bold when faced by the Iron Lady? A stern look,a swing of her nuclear handbag and these modern day poison midgets would be dispatched back to the freak show they escaped from...I hate poison dwarfs!...long live Mrs T.


Putz said...

you really seem to like your heros to be a KIND OF IN CHARGE PERSON....

Trubes said...

Oh how I agree with you Mr OTW. I believe Margaret Thatcher will go down as one of the greatest PM's this country has ever had.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine in California. It is miserable here in Liverpool.

Your little daughter is lovely by the way. I have three lovely daughters and three lovely grandchildren...even though the weather is dire they fill my life with sunshine.