Saturday, 30 August 2008

A beautiful moment with governor Palin

John McCain has announced that the Governor of Alaska , Sarah Palin will be his VP running mate.The sound you now hear in the distance is the steam escaping from Hillary's ears and the gnashing of Obambi and Co's's so beautiful...never have so many people been so pissed of in such a short space of time....beautiful I tell ya!


Ron Combo said...

Fit as a butcher's dog too.

Putz said...

i'm ok with all of it....obama gave a human, mankind speech that will live on in infamy, and if by a short wil hair of a chance mccan makwes it, he will have a woman who will be less war mongering than him, beautiful sceniro either way. plu the mutt mitt romney clone of maccain and bush got his little ash whooped

monkey said...

you said to watch after the conference and you were right, such entertainment.