Sunday, 31 August 2008

good morning god.

Family OTW turned out enmasse this morning in Napa for a spot of god bothering.....saying thanks for such a great time this summer seemed the polite thing to do. We attended ST.John the Baptist Church, a modern church with a modern service
....not enough bells and smells for me, but Italy in a few weeks should cure that.The service was livened by The matriarch of family OTW falling flat on her back during the service....she says she missed the pew...we blame the pinot grigio....god will decide I'm sure. After the service we drove to Yountville for breakfast in the wonderful Bouchon....all in all a day rather unlike an average Sunday back in England....way too much sun for a start....thank God.

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monkey said...

mmmm we are so jealous, we went to Starbucks and got totally ripped off!!
Things are not the same