Friday, 12 September 2008

Cultural enrichment that what the drumbeaters in nulabour and the media mean when they talk of immigrants enriching dull old England? I think I would be happier in a land of supposedly warm beer and Morris dancers...not that it would be an England I'd recognise. Being British/English I always thought I lived in an incredibly vibrant rich culture...imagine my surprise when I found out through the BBC and other self loathing groups that in reality it was dull and grey....lucky the BBC and nulabour decided to right that then hey? Now with Islamic suicide bombers,Somali murderers,Nigerian fraud and black Respek! murders England is now a multi cultural paradise...I just don't know who to thank the most for showing me just how culturally poor I was ...if I ever meet them I'm sure I'll have plenty to say to them. Until then I'll just have to put up with the second rate nature of our beautiful countryside,stunning castles, soaring cathedrals and other such paltry cultural beacons.


Vinogirl said...

Can't really build a soaring mud hut can yo?

Lord Roby said...

And don't forget the roaring trade in 'bushmeat'.Dirty cannibal cants!