Wednesday, 3 December 2008


The current storm over the police raid on an MP's office in Parliament is just another indication of how morals,decency,honour and respectability in Britain is rotting from the head down.The speaker of the honourable historic position is now occupied by a small minded vindictive man who would be better suited at the most to running a pub in Scotland populated by other drunken class warriors.The picture above shows how a braver and more honest predecessor handled a famous invasion of parliamentary privilege by King Charles 1st. His appointee Sgt at arms is also someone promoted for less than practical reasons and as such has at the first hurdle been shown to be sadly lacking in the requirements so ably filled by her predecessors. Britain deserves no less than the destruction of Gordon Brown and his followers before they can complete their task of harming our country beyond repair.


Putz said...

oh gordon brown , what can i saw??? how now brown cow

Trubes said...
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Trubes said...

Well said OTW.
I totally agree with all that you say!
The arrogance of this Goverment and the totally inept Speaker is breathtaking.