Monday, 12 January 2009

Beep beep.

The Detroit motor show has seem the worlds car makers unveil the new eco friendly cars that they hope we will buy with our ever more precious savings. The only problem is that we don't want them...they are ugly (see above) and they are 'green' in name only.These vehicles are made and sold only because governments and pressure groups have threatened the manufacturers with dire consequences if they don't hitch themselves to the eco bandwagon. Given the right incentives not threats, cars will appear in the next decade that will probably be powered by hydrogen fuelled attractive enough for the consumer to actually want to buy, not these hideous square blocks of batteries on wheels.


electro-kevin said...

They aren't even economical.

Dust-to-dust existence is far more expensive than that for conventional cars.

monkey said...

You need a gas guzzling Jack Bauer truck! with a gun rack to shoot the tree huggers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could put stickers on the outside...make it all special and 'pertee like'...or maybe we could doodle all over it...a doodle car - yes, paint what you want on it. I'd do that.

Robert Miller said...

Spot on! When I see people trading in their SUV's for Prius', I wonder if they've considered the math. Does the carbon savings of a Prius relative to their SUV more than offset the carbon released in producing the new Prius? Wouldn't it be better to just drive your SUV until it dies and then replace it?

Does their old SUV leave the road? Of course not! It's sold at a discount which subsidizes the fuel costs of its next owner.

Hybrids use relatively large quantities of rare earth metals which are monopolized by China. China destroys their environment to get at it. Hybrids also use extraordinary amounts of nickel and mercury.

Essentially, hybrids are Greenwash, making you appear more virtuous but shifting your pollution to others and magnifying it.