Monday, 12 January 2009

What protest?

Just as I had decided to cease comment on Gaza the supporters of Islamic terrorism spent the weekend rioting in London.The various press outlets reported multi thousands attending protest marches that voiced the British peoples disgust at Israels defence of its citizens. I saw no real British people...just members of the worlds most vocal terrorist grouping and the usual disgraced communist and demented ex popstar groupies.Nobody I know or work with is anything but fed up with islamist whining...again I say...Godspeed the IDF.


monkey said...

I think more turned out for the protest against Hamas than they did for Israel, also there was less violence I believe.

DirtCrashr said...

We have professional protesters over here who fly around the country to various "protest destinations" - they're mostly a bunch of TrustFund communists agitators, young and old - all idiots.

J said...

Totally agree... this country is doomed, maybe not this generation but the next are going to be stuffed.

The silent majority stay just that, while the looney lefties that run the BBC can try and infect the minds of simple folk with their pro-Hamas/anti-Israeli bias.

The pro-Israeli demo was completely without incident, unlike every single pro-terror demo around the world.

The number of anti-semitic attacks around the world has sky-rocketed partly I believe because the islamic mobs have the belief that they are untouchables.

God help us.

monkey said...

In my Profession it’s an idea never to discuss such matters with colleagues, but I sat today listening to staff condemn Israel; I had to leave biting ones lip. BBC infect even the educated, I’m happen no to pay for that crap.

Anonymous said...

The relationship of male Muslims to the rest of humanity is one of predator to prey. There are the razzias (raping, pillaging raids) against harbis, the extortion of jizya from dhimmis, the treatment of their own women as property to be owned, the organised pedophilic and gang-rape attacks against European kuffar women and children, the encouragement of enslavement in the Koran, and the persistent criminality of all descriptions.

Islam has much in common with the Mafia. It's a predatory international criminal conspiracy, and once you're in, the only way you can leave is through death.

Islam is impervious to rational analysis because its motivation is sexual and material predation, rather than any search for theological or philosophical truth. You can no more reason with these Pedophilic Death-cultists than you can reason with the Mafia itself.

This is why the jails of the west are full of disproportionate numbers of Muslims, and why so many kuffar prisoners convert to a cult that provides them with a psychopath's charter. To the Muslim, murdering, raping and pillaging the kuffars isn't criminal, it is simply carrying out Allah's will.

Islam was founded by a predatory pedophile and caravan-robber, and his followers copy his example.