Thursday, 8 January 2009

Same old Thing.

Family OTW are now laying plans for our next trip to our home in California....what to take,what to buy,what to do whilst there. I keep up to date with local happenings through family and reading the local papers online and so I have been following this story rather closely. Having seen the videos in question and having read the witness statements it does seem that the officer does have some difficult questions to answer as his actions are at the least negligent. Unlike the good people of Oakland however I believe that the law should be allowed to run its course and only then if people are unhappy should there be any form of protest and even then only quiet and dignified at that. Oakland being Oakland however immediately goes into violent overdrive with resulting riot,mayhem and destruction...destruction of their own community!...that will teach the man folks. Why would destroying the property of local people trying to do business in an already difficult environment be seen as a valid protest against supposed racial profiling and police brutality? I can only commend the police involved in subduing these have disposed of everybody involved would gone a long way to helping with the much needed and talked about rebirth of Oakland....some chance hey?...isn't that nice Mr Obama supposed to change all this?


electro-kevin said...

Looting is an essential part of political protest.

But leave the Kentucky Fried Chicken shop out of it.

Vinogirl said...

A local shop owner said she was spared because her window was full of barry memerobilia.
A older gentleman was quoted on the news as saying 'it's our time now". What do you suppose he meant?

Thud said...

more free stuff I'd imagine.

Anonymous said...

Protesting is fine, but it should be done peacefully. Destruction takes away from the message everytime.
Glad Family OTW is coming over to enjoy some American Yahoo time. A little craziness is good for the soul. :)

DirtCrashr said...

among the 99% black crowd there were a bunch of white communist agitators leading a chant of "the whole world's watching" - and urging "immediate action" - what a bunch of spineless cowards.