Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Thank Heaven for little girls

I went with Mrs OTW to the hospital today for her to have an intensive scan, as questions had arisen over the health of the new baby to be. Luckily the very competent doctor informed us we have an apparently healthy baby girl on the way....fantastic! I came from the hospital feeling as if nothing could touch me...I was floating on air...can anything matter more than your new babies health? The only problem is that now I am even further outnumbered by very smart women of all sizes...Oh dear.


Vinogirl said...

You made me cry...at work!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Princess on the way!

Thudly...Mr. Cheeks is the only male in our home. He loves it and you will too. (I can tell you are a very loving person.) I will admit, it is a bit rough when they are all teenagers...but you'll get through that...or go insane.

Congrats to you and the Mrs. !

Trubes said...

Oh thank heavens for that OTW. We have three girls so you've one more to go! so glad baby bump is fine though.
You'll be adored by your Daughters, believe me, I dont get a look in at times..'Too many women in de kitchen spoil da broth'.
Lots of warm wishes to you and your Princesses(including Mummy OTW).
Freezing here! Keep warm...


James Higham said...

May it all go smoothly.

monkey said...

Good god Thud i was wrong, you are very outnumbered. i worry for the Teenage years now!! start buying the Just for Men while its cheap.
Congrats though, double the fun.

electro-kevin said...

Good luck.

Girls are best. They'll spoil you rotten.

(word v - damsul)