Saturday, 28 March 2009

Times past.

Reading this article reminds me of how far we in Britain have come and just how far we have fallen. The poverty inherent in many family histories is something that present generations only associate with far away lands and yet lives as described in the article are still for some within living memory. The legacy of such upbringings made many aware that only through hard work and frugality could a decent future be secured and so until recently people lived mainly within their means. People with such family legacies were and are the backbone of Britain but the latest generation have cast aside the hard won lessons, for a life of cheap goods,drink,drugs and an 'easy' life.This process has been accelerated in the last 12 years by the nulabour government and its hangers on as they hothouse the remaking of Britain with their destruction of our history and customs, coupled with mass immigration. The people of Britain are repeatedly told they are guilty of racism and must apologise for past sins such as slavery etc and must accept the diminishing of our Independence as a nation. For many, stories such as told in the article are our true guilt for slavery etc, as life was a struggle to survive...just how could such people have been guilty of anything? My own family have a background not dissimilar to that in the article and have nothing to apologise for and everything to be proud of. Perhaps when Brownie and his fellow destroyers of Britain are history we can perhaps recover some of what made Britain such a prosperous and vibrant country...maybe.


JPT said...

Good article.

Putz said...

without people like that in the picture, putz would be obivolless...nada....zilch...thank god for them, daltons, hibberts, barlows, p.s the reason i blog not is my wife says my blogs are embarassing

Lin said...

Such memories stayed alive with my parents' to the very end. A savoring of simple joys was well evident in their faces when they recalled the past. Many thanks for linking to this article.