Friday, 27 March 2009

Religion of peace strikes again.

The religion of peace seems to be having a busy day,blowing up a mosque and denying children polio average day for the followers of allah in Pakistan. We really need to kill these people faster and do the rest of the world a favour by bringing these places forward to at least the 18th century.


madbadninky said...

Sweethearts aren't they. Just a shame the guy who shot those amazing impact shots couldn't work on them. Glad you liked'The Planet of the Apes.' I'm just having a cup of tea and a banana butty. We've come a long way!

Trubes said...

Hi Thud, Welcome back to Merseyside, I've had a good read of your recent stuff and enjoyed the piece about the new canal link at the Pier Head.


Lord Roby said...

Haven't these guys got any sense.Where are they gonner get the next generation of suicide bombers from?

idle said...

I think it's just a crude attempt at birth control, Lord Roby. They are growing at 2% per annum, or 22% every ten years. And there are 173m of them already.

There are only so many apricots and goats in the Swat Valley.

I have been there and it was a fantastic place, before the madness started in the early 90s.