Sunday, 26 April 2009

Fate of a Nation.

This article had me thinking today about the nature and motivations of politicians. The article may be mainly about America but it equally applies to Brown and his nulabour project.Given that a large number of politicians are crooks,failures and social misfits, should they be allowed to make such sweeping changes to our societies,economies and demographics? Does the remit of a politician run to letting them remake a nation in their own image? and if so,how did it get that way. I would prefer they keep us safe, keep the lights on and build the odd road....other than that I would rather they kept out of all the myriad aspects of our lives they have invaded. Instead we have people who in any other walk of life would be failures,embarking upon radical makeovers of our future,resulting in devastation in education,commerce and social behaviour....God save us from politicians with dreams.


Bill Quango MP said...

Well, I always keep my head down. vote on party lines,stay away from controversy and hiss and boo and cheer in the right places.
Makes the troughing so much easier.

Anonymous said...

Irby village a viking name,small but urbanised,Irby Hall once owned by the church had/has a moat around it (the rear now) to stop the Welsh attacking the place.
Mill Hill Lane opposite the car sales behind the village a piece of building land has come up for sale

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Chomping on a bacon sarnie, eh?...Ah, you can take the boy outta 'the pool', but yer can't take the 'pool' outta the boy