Saturday, 25 April 2009


This is how to do it...The C.I.A.take note...this is real plausible deniability.


Gigits said...

Russians, being incredibly blood thirsty, well I never!

Great link.

Trubes said...

There's some rotten violent people in this world...I fear for my Children and Grandchildren!

BTW Thud, How is Mrs OTW proceeding with the forthcoming 'new arrival', I do hope she's keeping well. I hope little Princess OTW is well too.


Anonymous said...

Red Hill Rd Storeton just in the valley below the Storeton woods,takes it's name from the river of blood which ran down the hill at the battle of Brunanburgh ad900ish when the Dublin Vikings and their mates tried to kick the garbage out of King Athelstan but he turned it round and kicked the garbage out of them,well there are plenty of suggestions it happened around that area,(just for our american cousins)the old house is up for sale.

Thud said...

I wonder if battle did take place there?...what house? I viewed the Brimstage house on Friday....enough work for me to work till I'm 90! I put a cheeky offer in.

Anonymous said...

Storeton Village by Levers causeway roundabout if your coming from Barnston village/Dale go straight ahead towards the Manor house, turn right then left follow the road as if you going towards Bebington it's down in the dip,if you go along Storeton rd from Birkenhead go past the speed camera then turn right,go down hill to dip,I was going to fast to check sign fully.

JPT said...

Don't mess with the Russians basically.

North Northwester said...

I think what makes us and the Americans better than the Russkis is because our troops don't behave like this officially, and if they do and are discovered, they are investigated and punished.

Right now, "It's just not done, old boy," is giving some of the Muslims a way of telling us from the Russians.

Which isn't to say that our troops shouldn't be allowed to waterboard or sleep deprive captured Muslim terrorists, because I think that they should, but this Russian slash and burn makes them the bad guys, too. They've used artillery bombardments against civilian areas as a matte of policy.

It's what we're against.