Friday, 1 May 2009


This article has a sad air of defeat about it that makes me wonder just what is happening to our army.I have great faith in the abilities of the British soldier but has the lack of government will,equipment and public support started to affect their performance? Surely we are in Afghanistan to kill the enemy?...not just contain them.Isn't containment going to result in the enemy finding more time and opportunities to inflict losses on our troops? Our shabby government needs to decide whether to fully support our Army or to bring them home, as fighting a loosing battle in the shadow of our more muscular American cousins is doing irreparable harm to our Soldiers morale.....they deserve better.


Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Nobodies going to win in a place like Afghanistan. The yanks'll blow the place to bits, just make it worse for everyone including themselves. (stalingrad,monte cassino,yugoslavia)all bombed rugged terrain and the fighting just went on, Our boys have been treated like shit by the politicians and so lets get them out. The yanks don't think much of us by the comments after the article ,so leave them to it,
Oh, by the way the missus worships me,our 10th anniversary today, believe it or not, i'm not sure i do.

JPT said...

Retreat it is I'm afraid.
The Americans won't retreat until there's nothing left though.