Wednesday, 13 May 2009

"We are not amused"

Taking advantage of the brief period of sunny weather yesterday family OTW went for a ferry ride over to Liverpool. The ferry is nowadays more of a tourist attraction than the workhorse of the past but nonetheless it is a pleasant way to arrive at the remodelled Pierhead. A brisk walk up the old streets of the original part of the city brought us to the new Liverpool 1 development.We spent an enjoyable hour or two looking at the new if somewhat bland buildings in the hope that perhaps Mrs OTW could be persuaded to part with the now overdue new little scouser she is carrying. On the way up from the river we passed the statue of Queen Victoria that has provided young scousers with countless smutty laughs for decades....a close look at the pic above should make the reason clear...well I think it's funny anyway.


Putz said...

i have an english penny of queen victoria and her staff is bettween her legs ..up her dress up in a very embarassing way up her skirt, have you ever heard about a penny like that???????he was supposed to have lost his head or had an early demise because of that penny

Putz said...

do you think that penny would be valuable????