Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dig dig,dig it!

Whilst helping out around the vineyard in Napa I quickly discovered that digging holes in sun baked earth is no easy task.Taking pity on me (eventually)Vinomaker let me use his 'mutt',a tool rather like a giant cold chisel. In no time I was through the concrete like surface and happily ensconced in a cloud of Napa's finest vine friendly soil. Now I see that companies such as screwfix are now supplying a similar if slightly inferior tool here...I'm buying two!

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DirtCrashr said...

And that's the GOOD stuff you were diggin' into! :-) Run into some of our serpentine chert deposits - there's a LOT in the South Bay thanks to the San Andreas fault, brought up by subduction 17-million years ago from deep off the coast from where the tectonic plates meet - and it starts to just about require dynamite. Which is one of the cool things I'm told about building on Hawaii's Big Island where a friend lives - blue volcanic-rock needs dynamite! :-)