Saturday, 13 June 2009

Happy Birthday your Queenyness.

It is Queen Liz's official birthday and I can only presume Phil the Greek has bought his missus a suitable gift. I know the Queen has to be rather circumspect in her criticism of whatever govt of the day happens to be destroying what is nominally her country,but perhaps just for once maybe she could give Brownie a nudge in the direction of the exit and give her subjects the best birthday gift ever. Come on Liz...get your best Queen outfit on and give that shifty little turd of a prime minister a good talking know you want to!


James Higham said...

Wonder what that gift was. Another corgi?

Anonymous said...

A540/5117 new junction has been finished,the old farm site is now empty,outbuildings and farmhouse still there,not up for sale as yet but could be as it's goverment/Cheshire County North owned.

Parkgate rd ,just over the old railway bridge (Wirral Way) for sale sign but as usual head not fast enough to see what's for sale,Puddington Lane towards Burton as above.

Thud said... has been done on the big house....seeings as you found it we need to arrange a visit when we get through the buying process...if you can slow down long enough that is!

Vinogirl said...

Happy B-day Lizzie!
And congrats on real estate deal Thud!