Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Once a nazi,always etc

I have been reading over the last few days an alarming amount of pro BNP mail and postings on many of the websites and blogs I regularly read. I understand peoples disenchantment with the Britain of today but it escapes me as to why somebody would agree with the BNP. I am a classic rightwinger, free market,small government,patriotic and a believer in individualism...not socialism or any form of statism. The BNP are to me just another bunch of socialists with a happy sprinkling of pro green eco craziness,compounded with a thinly disguised racist streak.My family is a mixed family and we are foremost British, I need no lessons in patriotism from admirers of Hitler and his pan European followers....repatriating my family is something the BNP believes in....not going to happen with my family folks as I'm not a peace loving guardian reading social worker...ubermensch my arse.


Anonymous said...

You know my feelings as far a racism goes it's on this site,but today I had a hard time telling who is the fascists,the BNP or the UAF,to me both are scum,the UAF are part of Labour so it goes to show along with cameras and id cards, Labour are scum, both need be to got rid of but we are supposed to live in a democracy and have to take the good with the bad,we are I believe heading for a civil war because of Labour and I for one will help man the barricades to get my freedom back and that includes ditching the EU but I don't believe Cameron will change anything if he gets in as he doesn't lead a real conservative party and like the rest he believes being an MP is a profession and not a public calling,and I believe this is why we are going to have trouble in the future,call me names or what you want I don't care ,I want my country back with real politics,honesty and fairness for everyone, not this sherard of PC garbage,I was a rightwinger but I hung that description of me up in the wardrobe until we put the Great back in Britain or can call myself an Englishman without wondering if that's being rascist.

Thud said...

I don't make excuses for being an Englishman...neither should you...Englishness for me is not defined by my dislike of others.

The Machiavellian said...

Seems the problem for you in Britain, like us in the U.S., is that our conservative party is currently run by career politicians who triangulate their positions on every policy.

Where is the next Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan?

Conservatism is really easy, it just requires one stick to their principles.

And that is the problem, our current politicians have no principles.

The Machiavellian said...

The only Republican who currently espouses conservative principles because they are a part of her, much like Reagan and Thatcher, is Sarah Palin.

No current Republican expresses conservatism as plainly and naturally as she does.

The problem is, the media attacked and continues to attack her so savagely, that her political stock might well be beyond repair.

And that leaves us with psuedo-conservatives who have no backbone and compromise with the power structure in Washington so as to be liked.

Junius said...

I think the rise in the popularity in the BNP has little to do with what it says - and far more to do with the mainstream parties do NOT say.

Immigration is a problem in many over crowded cities; infrastructures are breaking down under the overwhelming numbers that are flooding into the country. It is not the colour, the race or the creed - it is the NUMBERS that are creating the concern.

But we are not allowed to raise this issue, as soon as we do we are automatically tarred with the word 'racist' - it is the catch cry that closes down debate.

The BNP raises its voice on immigration - it may be for the wrong reasons, but people who are beginning to feel swamped in their own country probably do not investigate the policies of the only party who voices concerns they also feel (be it for far differnt reasons)

To dismiss the BNP as being facists is not addressing the concerns that is causing people to turn to them in desperation. Let the main stream parties really start to address these, and you will see that the BNP will be deserted in droves.

Until then - as they sow, then so shall they reap.

The Machiavellian said...


Centuries ago, when I was in college, I remember learning that when third parties arouse and threatened the parties in power, they would usurp the message of the third and thus that new party would die.

The Progressive Party of the early 20th century, for example had its agenda adopted by the Democrats.

But that was back when politicians were pragmatists.

Now our Democrats and the British Labour Party are far left ideologues whose policies seemingly are hell bent on destroying our countries as we know them.

Labour isn't going to adopt anti-immigration policies because that wouldn't fit with their policies that in essence will overwhelm the white Anglo-Saxon culture with something else.

Is it self-loathing? Don't know. Just don't expect them to change.

And don't expect the Conservatives to do the right thing. As a result, expect radical parties to gain traction--for the very reasons you stated.

monkey said...

Far left failure = far right success.
Labour has failed us in so many ways and ruined this country to a point there is no longer an identity that it paves the way for the BNP to try and justify its facist ways. Thus giving it a place in europe, oh dear this worries me.

The Old Tarf said...

It worry's me that we seem to go this route every now and then and everything seems to go to Hell in a Handbasket.

It is always in these kind of economic times that this happens. Will we never learn from History or will we keep making these same type of mistakes over and over again.

DirtCrashr said...

The Left has made it a convention to link together anything they don't like all apples and oranges: conservative = racist = fascist, and that is utterly false. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Left says it all the time to try and roll it up together, but it's apples and oranges and pears. Fascism is an offshoot of National SOCIALISM and has absolutely nothing to do with small-government, low tax, traditional value Conservatism or Libertarianism.