Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Perfect balance.

This collection of chimney stacks in Lucca would give an English building control officer a coniption and as for elf and safety...well forget it. Working on old houses you soon grow out of the habit of looking for anything resembling a right angle or a wall that is plumb or true. I am as a rule a bit of a stickler for repointing and relining stacks but after seeing the above I may rethink my approach.They do work though so I suppose the inhabitants are happy with their rickety arrangements and perhaps save their money for more important things such as Lucca's varied and wonderful eating establishments. I plan a return trip to Lucca next year to further check out the fantastic buildings and to avail myself of more tasty food and drink...mind you that does depend on what the chaps got up to when family OTW retired for the night!


electro-kevin said...


I did ask why the Continentals have a predilection for overtaking on blind bends. The answer was that they are, culturally, rather fatalistic.

Do you have any stats to 'support' the safety of those chimneys ?

Vinogirl said...

They have a certain charm!

The Fat Builder said...

And when you go back next year you can check if those chimney pots are are still standing

James Higham said...

Er ... we actually do have a couple just outside my window on the other side of the road. Maybe elfnsaftee jsut can't see up that far.