Monday, 16 November 2009

Tut tut.

It has come to a terrible pass that a subject of Her Majesty cannot navigate the highways and byways of the former colonies at a reasonable clip without admonishment by the forces of oppression (highway patrol!) My annual run in with the Nevada highway patrol went as it always does with a pleasant exchange of courtesies ( I expect they already know of my plan to recapture the colonies and are hedging their bets) and a cheery wave as I disappear into the distance in my criminally polluting monster SUV......I salute the gentlemen of the Nevada highway patrol.


Putz said...

honest this is true, but there used to be an open speed limit in arizona and nevada both, where you could travel faster in the middle of their nowhere, i guess that is all past us now, i still have an outstanding traffic speeding ticket for kingman arizona, if i ever go back i will be put in jail for sure...the ticket is 47 years old

Thud said... fast were you going?

idle said...

Did they call you "boy"?

Did they make you touch the fender?

Was tobacco being chewed?

Probably the wrong state, but whatthehell.

Thud said...

Idle...luckily none of the above,politness all the way due in no part to mistaking my scouse gibberish for some sort of nervous complaint.

monkey said...

it has to be the SUV, our little chevy maxed out in the desert and we had nah bother

James Higham said...

You clapped a detonator under their chassis, I trust.

Lord Roby said...

You ain't got a carbon footprint,more like a carbon skid mark !!!
We'll those damn Yankees will sell gas at 1970's prices!!!