Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Over and out.

Whenever somebody plays the race card in any of its numerous incarnations I know that they have lost whatever case they were putting forward. No matter what facts, figures, argument, reason or excuse they put forward I know they are just an empty space, an echo chamber of bankrupt leftist cant clutching at the once argument ending cry of 'racist!' Obama is in trouble for his character and his now unveiled Marxist worldview and not because of his skin...game over.


Marc said...

his now unveiled Marxist worldview

You're not a friend of the NHS then? This is the first time I've heard a Briton use the language of Glenn Beck.

Thud said...

Marc...I have no idea of who Mr Beck is...but I have seen how socialism has reduced my country to penury.As for NHS....2 healthy children delivered courtesy of the NHS...I'm just not keen on the billions wasted.