Saturday, 5 December 2009

christmas cheer 1.


Scrobs... said...

Oh thanks for this Thudders - a favourite!

I first learned the Latin verb 'Gaudeo' from the Vicar's son, when I was but a sprog in my folks' church!

He was the schoolmaster, and one of the nicest people I knew then. He 'ran' the servers at the church for his Dad, and at some Sundays, there'd be about 20 of us, all mucking about in cassocks and eating sweets...!

I miss good guys like that.

ps 'All around my hat' is in my top ten...!

Thud said...

scrobs....did a little choir singing too...good fun.All around my hat is a definite family fav here.

Vinogirl said... of my faves!

James Higham said...

It is indeed.