Monday, 7 December 2009

Let there be lights

On the way back from Vinogirls home in the Napa valley tonight I called past the above house to give the little OTW girls a treat,well that was my excuse....truthfully all the adult OTW's love Christmas lights no matter how over the top and this site helps to feed the Christmas madness....we do love tacky!


Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Dear me ,young Jamie Thud
Have the boys n' girls at the climate change summit in Copenhagen seen this. President Ballcock o'barnpot, could strike a deal just by promising to turn off the Thud lights.
Champion of the environment
Green Tim

monkey said...

looks like we will be getting up to the roof on your return.

Anonymous said...

They are advertising Californ i a on the digital telly,which by the way the old analogue tv from Winter hill is now bye bye went on Dec 2nd,tell princess OTW the cows have been moved to the pasture,well mud bath opposite Lever's big house,it's a bit warmer for them,will turn up to your pad hopefully on Thursday lunch time.

Vinogirl said...

You forgot to mention the Liverpool connection...these lights are on Penny Lane :)