Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The nations sweetheart

Amongst news of global political and financial turmoil I notice England's favourite chav icon Cheryl Cole has finally called time on her marriage to the footballer Ashley Cole. So a talentless pop star and an idiot footballers marriage fails amongst charges of serial infidelity...shocked I am, shocked, honest!


Scrobs... said...

My first thoughts when I heard this, was that what a shame that the lovely girl who sang 'All I wanna do', (Sheryl Crow is a favourite of an aging Scrobs), had got caught up with some feral chav.

I'm so glad I was wrong, but I still haven't a clue who these two are; does he own a 'Boutique' or something?

I assume that there's 'loadsa money' involved, so that means enough reading ("words - not pictures" to those who want to know) in the 'News of the World' to keep the average thicko sat on his or her couch for at least a couple of hours after they get up, which takes them well up to pub time at 4.00pm.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell are these pair of wonders,never heard of them,more important things I think are have you moved into your new home yet,I see Global warming/winter snow hasn't finished around here yet with that little shower yesterday.

monkey said...

the contract was up and now we wait for him to fall out the closet.
how could she hold her head up high as queen chav without devorcing a black man, it was on the cards from the beginning.

Golden West said...

I've never heard of either of them, but their wedding photo really does define cheesiness down.