Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Any ideas?

Whilst removing floorboards last week the chaps came across the two objects shown. Our immediate response was to label them mousetraps due to cage like appearance and size, but on inspection there is no opening or mechanism for them to have been used as such. A search online produced only one result and that only a partial one on a foreign site selling militaria.....so we are stumped. The floor was probably last up some time between 1919 and 1930,the cages are about 4 inches square and are manufactured by W&F Walker of Liverpool .....so what is a blockette? any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Try putting the picture on
http://www.wikiwirral.co.uk/ and asking the gang on the history forum.

Chad said...

found something here:


The ad at the bottom seems to be what you're looking at.

Thud said...

Chad...outstanding my good man, thanks!

Vinogirl said...

That is so cool, it's like those little things people used to hang in the toilet.

Scrobs... said...

The power of your blog Thuddres, reaches no bounds! Chad is a star here!

That's absolutely fascinating!

Also, if you read the rest of the ads on the page, there's one for Doan's Backache pills.

Just hearing that name takes me back to Pirate Radio days - Yup, Radio London or Caroline, when they carried a series of ads for the very same thing n the sixties!

Just imagine a punch-drunk jock, reading that stuff over the ether to thousands of sex/drink/drugs hungry souls, hanging on their every word...

It really makes me laugh, probably uncontrollably, and I'll have to go and lay down in a darkened room somewhere!

monkey said...

im utterly amazed, how did chad find that article?! the power of the internet has no bounderies.