Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A house divided.

One of the advantages of living part of my year in America is that I get to observe American politics whilst not being affected by them to any great degree, although that may change in the future. Being of a conservative nature I obviously identify with the Republican party but some of its more extreme elements fill me with a small amount of alarm and large amounts of laughter, the left I merely disagree with (on everything!) and sometimes pity. One difference immediately noticeable to a Brit is in the amount of latent violence and hatred that seems to be flying around the web and the American media. We may dislike Brown,Cameron and the liberal bloke over here in England but by and large we get along pretty well together and reserve our scorn for politicians and our anger for football. There are of course a small number of wannabe nazis and communist apologists but the level of animosity never reaches anything like that of current American politics,perhaps we expect less from our leaders. I don't like Obama and his followers but I am aware that he and his works can be done away with in a relatively short time period through the ballot box. Talk of guns,revolution etc just help empower the statist left wingers that make up his base and even more alarmingly encourage our real enemies worldwide to further bring harm upon our distracted societies. By all means agitate,organise,get roaring drunk and demonstrate but remember who the real enemy is too short to tear ourselves apart.


Anonymous said...

My dear Thud I guess you posted your April Fools' Day joke a day early.

Don't you think your "can't we all get along' message is just a tad hypocritical looking at some of your earlier postings such as:


just to name a few.

Thud said...

Anon...I view it more as 'don't give amunition to leftist hysterics' as they are soon to be history.Considering the thuggish actions of union thugs in disrupting conservative meetings I like to think of myself as superior which in my case realy is true.

Lord Roby said...

Is it just a coincidence that you posted this on the day we gave up trial by jury as a 'right'? I'm not sure I still have any rights,unless I'm on vacation in the US that is!!!

DirtCrashr said...

The problem is the damage the bastards do is like termites and wood-worms, it ruins the structure.

Thud said...

DC. True...but American genius at rebuiding and reconstruction has always amazed me.