Friday, 26 March 2010

True Brit 27

My latest true Brit Baroness Park is the type of woman who should be held up to all young women as someone to emulate rather than todays celebrities who drunkenly populate what now passes as entertainment and media. But without a voracious appetite for fame and money she is likely to be banished into obscurity remembered only by those who appreciate her devotion to duty and country. Such a spirited individual should be lauded in schools throughout the land but instead todays children are poisoned with eco mumbo jumbo and deadened by the allure of a non attainable celebrity lifestyle....I know who my little girls will learn about and perhaps they will achieve just a little more in life than 5 minutes on T.V.


Scrobs... said...

Incredible lady Thudders!

Her exploits are much more interesting than those of all the shallow nobodies positioned down the right hand side of the web page.

I'd have liked to have met her.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Just finished reading the obituary. It is absolutly mindboggling what these people went through and did. Nobody has a clue today .