Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Anyone but Brown

This chap turned up yesterday on his get out the vote,press the flesh rounds. The chaps and I were enjoying a bit of a break in the spring sun and so his visit was rather opportune and interesting to say the least as the forthcoming election was under discussion anyway. On paper the chaps perhaps more than I, would be classed as natural labour voters but Brownie has done for that. We now all seem to be UKIP in European elections and Tory in this General election. Our prospective M.P. seemed a pleasant chap and was prepared to engage in a lengthy conversation that touched on most points of concern....so it looks like he gets a few more votes...use them well, time is running out for all of us .


monkey said...

best get them leccy gates up before the lefties come calling or there could be bloodshed.

get them princess otw!!!

DirtCrashr said...

If they're like our Stupid Party, they trying out for the High-School play as Democrat-lite to impress the Junior girls, but the accent doesn't work and the haircut is wrong.
We need more help stopping the monstrosity that has become Government then they seem willing to provide and time is running out. They just want their place on the antiques shelf next to the Titanic deck-chairs.

Candle said...

Heya man, long time I know. Listen, I found an interesting blog right up your alley, guy talks nonstop about Labour. The wall paper is pretty horrible (or, "horrid", in English), but the content is great!


There seems to be some weird content warning that isn't this guy's fault (imho), because there's a hot chick at the top of the screen (clothed) - just ignore that and go on in.