Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Back to work

Apparently an election was announced today,or so I was told as I was busy doing something much more important...work! Today's main job was to get the granite hearth in for another Gothic fireplace that we have been restoring over the last few weeks. Tomorrow I hope to get the firebrick in place and the metal work in position ready for the tricky job of wiring the marble surround into place. If the fire can be put in place by Thursday I hope we can get a few new windows in to top a short but productive week......onwards and upwards.


Scrobs... said...

When can I start Thudders; wiring a fireplace...ooooooh!

When I replaced tha Turrets fireplace a couple of years ago, I found the old wire just bent to some sort of shape and pugged in.

It had lasted since 1952, and had already been moved around by a previous job.

So I put it back exactly where it belonged!

(ps the actual fire opening surround is made from ED's old bedframe, coated with dark green Hammerite. It looks just like we wanted it to...)

Not up to your style in the pic though...

Thud said...

Scrobs...We will wire in and back it up with one of the new resins (I'm not averse to some new stuff)I'd like to see your bed/fire surround...good stuff hammerite hey?