Thursday, 29 April 2010

Jam today and jam tomorrow.

As the long suffering people of Britain contend with Gordon Browns meltdown I had more weighty matters at hand.....Damsons. The Damson blossom this year is particularly heavy and after the rather cold fruit setting weather it looks like a bumper crop this year, which means the end of my quest for the perfect jam butty may be nearer its end.


Vinogirl said...

oh yum!

monkey said...

do you know the secret to a good damson yield??

Anonymous said...

Mrs Anon like/makes different jams but mr anon likes only strawberry jam so it cramps mrs anons jam making style.

Trubes said...

My mum used to make the most divine Damson pies and Damson Jam too.
Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday, Thud.