Monday, 26 April 2010

Knock knock 2

Well that's the door fitted,a good hardwood door of rather heavy traditional build (I know it's heavy...really heavy) now we have to start off refinishing the surround and cutting new mouldings to make good the new opening, a new stone step......then that bloody roughcast goes!


phlegmfatale said...

Stunning! I'm getting more envious by the minute!

Trubes said...

I hope you have got a spy hole to see who's visiting.
What is the purpose of the pickety fence on the right?


Thud said... was here on arrival but will be added to the growing list of removals although I seem to be in a minority as others here like it.

Scrobs... said...

That's a great door Thudders!

Can you turn the step upside down?

Thud said...

Scrobs...saved what we could for use outside office in courtyard so a new one from St.Bees quarry in Cumbria is on order.

James Higham said...

Secure though. What's it like inside?

Thud said...

James...a mess but you can finally see things taking shape.

Anonymous said...

Did you know Thornton Hough is a city well according to

Mrs Anon says she is going to try and get hold of the tree woman and with your permission ask her to visit your pad with her,told you flowers/trees/gardens and I don't get fed.

Roofing on gatehouse coming along nicely.
Leave that fence alone it looks nice. :-)

Weekend Yachtsman said...


I'm intrigued that the handle is in the middle, when clearly it's a side-hung door, but I guess it looks nicer that way!

Thud said...

WY...there was some debate about positioning but I went with central pull knob and rimlock.

Thud said... problem!