Friday, 9 April 2010

True Brit 28

As the wastrels and media whores that pass as politicians nowadays fill the airwaves as the election bandwagon gains speed, I wish that a politician of the temperament of Norman Tebbit would burst forth. Concerned with focus groups,advisers and six o'clock news soundbites ,contemporary politicians quail at the thought of engaging the opposition with any real vigour as they worry they may transgress any of the many PC traps that litter the political landscape. Baron Tebbit is not such a timorous beastie, for our Norm the sight of a socialist union lackey (not counting his justifiably robust views on terrorists) fleeing before his acerbic tongue was part and parcel of being a politician. Politics is too important to be viewed as a talent contest populated by second rate smiling buffoons....we need men of Baron Tebbit's character to put the larcenous rabble that masquerades as the labour party to the sword and perhaps give some muscle to Cameron's timid last time by chance Baron Tebbit?


Wartime Housewife said...

I agree. Although I'm not a Tory, I miss the straightforward nature of politicians like him. I admire Ann Widdicombe for the same reason; she never indulges in popularity politics. The REALLY wierd thing is that as I wrote 'Ann Widdicombe' her voice came through on Radio 4 talking about how much she dislikes soundbite politicians and discriminatory candidate lists. Spoookeeeee.

Ps. Could you please issue a public health warning before flagrantly putting up pictures of Thatch? It gave me a dreadful start!

Lord Roby said...

The 'Tebbit Test' still stands the test of time.Lets just say,I know who I support when England are playing Pakistan at cricket...mmmmm!

Trubes said...

Well said Thud ...Tis a pity Baroness Thatcher is so frail in health. I used to love her spats with Kinnock at PMQ's.