Monday, 3 May 2010

Room with a view

As the election campaign reaches fever pitch I plan to spend as much time working outside as possible in the vain attempt to ignore the sad spectacle that passes as British politics nowadays. As the main house takes shape it is now time to put together an office/rest room for the chaps as Mrs OTW feels that my one big happy family approach may be going too far! The window shown should hopefully be made good tomorrow and the interior wall rendered, with the resulting view rather restful and pleasing. When combined with wood stove, slate flooring,comfortable seats and kettle we may never leave and work again.


monkey said...

you guys have it too good, pool table maybe? a bar with a keg of trappers hat??

Thud said... theres an idea.

Electro-Kevin said...

Looks grand. A beautiful day today. I may take the kayak out.

Anonymous said...

EK, if Thud had a kayak he would have to decide one of the three sides of the Wirral he would take it to,I prefer Moreton/Hoylake shore myself but at a pinch Thurstaston but it's a drag down the cliff path.

Still waiting to hear from the tree lady presume she is on hols.

Can't really blame mrs Thud banishing the lads to elsewhere
when they finish,they go home from the building site she can't.

James Higham said...

Really sorry not to have got over more.

That lattice window or panelled window or whatever you call it is lovely - I have those at my place and wouldn't have the big pane of glass type again.

Vinogirl said...

It'll be a great little office when it's finished, the window is a nice addition.

Anonymous said...

Put a comment on last night but it's not appeared,will pass by and drop in ,mrs anon has had contact with tree lady.