Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Demonising BP

I have not commented on the ongoing BP saga as many more qualified than myself have already covered all the ramifications of the leak on both the economy and the gulf itself, but President O'Barmys ass kicking comment and his intense dislike of all things British is just too much to be silent about.A former community organiser(what?) who has never had to earn a living nor balance a payroll,the President seems intent on bringing down a major international company....that will show your former mentors just how far you have come hey Barry? Never one to let a crisis go by,the President will no doubt push through ever more stringent and costly environmental and energy restrictions whilst giving a bloody nose to the evil Brits at the same time....Bingo! Poor old Cameron was an easy push over with the weekend phone call promising not to overly punish BP....as if poor toff Dave was going to get tough with a chap of a darker complexion...not the done thing old boy dontcha know.Many people (me too I'll add) are now going to suffer so that the pres can push forward his anti business, socialist agenda, consequences be damned. BP are to blame for the leak and as such deserve to pay all the penalties that such a disaster engenders. But demanding they pay for everything whist simultaneously destroying the company is insane....how are they to pay if destroyed. Financial experts with knowledge of the rarefied world of international finance have said repeatedly that BP are more than capable of paying any and all reasonable costs....but the demands of O'Barmy and his minions are far from reasonable, but isn't that the point?


Scrobs... said...

Oh yes, definitely out of his depth here now.

So many US oil execs distancing themselves to prolong their shelf life.

Untidy times ahead I'm afraid.

Electro-Kevin said...

Loss of market value is way beyond levels of reasonable recompense.

I do feel that the Americans have a genuine gripe here and can't see how we'd be any better tempered if a similar proportion of our coastline had been damaged by foreigners less powerful than ourselves.

monkey said...

The leak was an accident that happned and BP are doing all they can to fix it, im sure they dont want the oil to continue to spill as much as anyone els but obomber while he stands there with his products produced by the very stuff he condems uses fighting talk. "its an attack on our shores and ill do everything possible with the full force of my army to prevent this". hmmm what a tit

nice new look thud

Junius said...

Seeing as the rig was leased from, and operated by two American companies - I cannot see why BP are shouldering the blame here.

If the Americans are determined to engage in a witch hunt, let BP pursue Transocean through the European Court of Justice for compensation; since they have distanced themselves from the disaster of their creation using archaic legislation. They are registered in Switzerland for taxation purposes, so are not protected in Europe.

And ElectroKevin - you must be a youngster! We have had at least two major disasters in the North Sea from American owned and operated oil rigs, one -Piper- blew up and killed 126 workers if I remember rightly.

The British Government did not choose to demonise the oil company concerned, nor did the PM of the day issue orders to the companies CEO or preside over what is nothing more than a witch hunt.

They chose to work with the company to seal the well and clean up the disaster - something Obama seems incapable of doint.

In respect of his whine about the British torturing his grandfather; what a load of ... maybe he needs to realise that those he calls terrorists are names freedome fighters by the Middle East - and those he called freedom fighter (like grandad) were called terrorists by the British Government. With the record of the complicity of the American Government in prisoner torture I suggest that he remains silent in this matter.

Trubes said...

This is truly a disgraceful situation, Obama is reacting stupidly, he's just 'politicing', for his own benefit.
The 'mega rich' oil boys in the States will be rubbing their greedy little hands with glee, at the demise of BP.....

Any whispers of sabotage?

I thought Obama was quite good, when he got into power, but now, I think not!


Trubes said...

Also, I mean't to ask, 'Why is Dick Cheney, notably silent on the
He is, or, has been, involved in a huge American conglomerate, that, I'm pretty sure, would like grab up BP, when their shares go into 'white out'.
This is disasterous situation for the pension funds,in the UK, who hold so many shares, in BP.
David Cameron must really get Obama by the goolies and shut him up for good.


Vinogirl said...

I'm sorry BP folded and set aside $20 billion, not because I don't think they should pay for the clean up, but because Bazza must have known about this deal last night and it makes his grandstanding press conference even more sickening.
I must console myself with the thought that Bazza must have faced a real dilemma as to whether or not to blame Dick Cheney (for Haliburtons role in drilling the well) or plain and simple demonising a foreign country to raise his own popularity in the polls.

Vinomaker said...

From an American perspective, it is certainly an environmental disaster and much closer to home (read voters) than the Exxon Valdiz spill. The magnitude of the spill will be much greater as well but the approach to resolving the problem is more troubling. Instead of just getting on with the solution, Obambi has taken the opportunity for some unnecessary and destructive grandstanding. The American people have essentially relinquished their power to a self-serving, fiscally incompetent group of politicians being led by a neophyte who thinks he is the new messaiah. Bolstered by his success in nationalizing AGI, GM and Chrysler he will not let such petty concerns such as shareholder rights and contract law get in his way. I am sure BP got that message loud and clear, if not even a bit combatitively. He does not represent the mainstream of the American thinking and has become somewhat of an embarrassment in his ignorant approach to world issues. I can only hope that the American voters will see the light in the next election. Meanwhile some good wine or other spirits may help to pass the time less painfully.

DirtCrashr said...

Enviro-disaster or not, the US president had and has no business making threats to BP - he's a cheap hustler trying to get a shakedown and make himself look good - but one who has played more rounds golf while the oil-spill unfolded than Bush did during Katrina or indeed his entire stay in office. I am ashamed of the President.

The Machiavellian said...

Even if BP was incompetent, the bottom line is that government regulation based on environmental extremism, forced energy companies to drill 3 miles underwater!

Had there been no government regulation, drilling would have occurred closer to shore, where the leak could have been easily capped.

phlegmfatale said...

I am sick to the teeth of the way Obama has villainised BP. It's hardly as if ANY company in the world would willingly or casually allow billions of pounds in capital just gush away unchecked and to the detriment of the environment or not. My heart goes out to the countless number of folks at BP and in the Western oil industry who will collectively suffer because of BO's shell-game where he shifts blame.

The truth is that if oil weren't demonised already, they wouldn't have to do the riskier drilling so far off shore, but could use more sound methods closer in. I say this disaster lies solely at the feet of the US legislature who mandated this well couldn't have been sited closer to shore and in shallower waters.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to find out what gas dealers in my area, if any, carry BP fuel-- I want to support them.