Monday, 27 September 2010

Play school

Today was play with wood day,the bench shown should with a liberal application of elbow grease come up to scratch. In between the big jobs it is always good to have a few days messing about on detail work just to give a little instant job satisfaction....well that's what I tell the lads anyway.


James Higham said...

Looks like a big job from here.

Vinogirl said...

It's very pretty...where is it going, in my bedroom? :)

Trubes said...

looks absolutely lovely Thud, but what is it and where does it go?
I've just been having a good readof your recentblogs and 'welcome home'. The little princesses are really growing. My! how time flies!
I've been having a rest from blogging due to general apathy. I have howeverbecome addicted to Scrabble, via Facebook, i just love it, particularrly as i have a competitive streak in me.


Scrobs... said...

There are only two words I want to say to you Thudders: -

"Lucky Sod"!