Saturday, 2 October 2010

Up on the roof

Not a great pic but it does show the insulation being placed in the ceiling of the gate lodge before we start plastering. As the rooms are quite small we have decided to open them up to the roof structure, something made easy by the fact that ceilings had just about fallen down. it is tempting to return the interior to a conventional Victorian interior but we are going to give it a more modern twist because...well because we can.


Vinogirl said...

Sounds like a good plan.

Black Sheep said...

That chevron style of cross bracing looks fancy but is actually very weak compared to right angle bracing. But yeah, it looks nice.

I quit restoring houses, along with building them, along with losing the enthusiasm for all that hard work, as my years have advanced. Now I restore old vehicles, which is just as hard but can be done more at my leisure. Just finished my latest pride and joy, a 1940 teardrop trailer.

The oldest ones known to be still on the road are 3 from 1937. From all the Google research I've done it doesn't look like there's more than a dozen still around from 1940. Little of the wood is left unrotted after 70 or more years.

Very few were made back then by professional companies. This was still the Great Depression era and most people were Do It Yourself-ers building these from plans published in various magazines, as mine was.

Doing restorations is highly satisfying to those of us who take pride in our craftmanship.

Scrobs... said...

Great idea Thudders!

Agree with Black Sheep about the bracing too, because I've never understood how it actually works if the nails and the cuts are in at the wrong angle.

Other than that, I'd follow you on the rest!

Thud said...

Scrobs,BS. I agree about the bracing but it is under no real loading plus you have to give the chaps their moments upon occasion. restoration/rebuilding anything is a genuine joy although my heap of rust that was once an e type coupe does give pause for thought.

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Rodney Orton said...

What about the exterior? As I've seen in most Victorian houses here in Omaha (NE), the roofing stays gabled, especially in the front. We're planning a renovation in our house, and we're considering flat roofs 'coz of its modern and simple look, though we might keep some part of the house Victorian-styled. Companies also offer several maintenance techniques for the roofs today.