Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Pot of gold

At the sight of a rainbow, my trusty workers and their munchkin companions head off in search of the mythical pot of gold....I suppose it beats listening to me all day.


Putz said...

hey that pot of gold is clear over here in america, just be a goshute indian in utar and all your financial dreams will be realized >>>o, big O has promised millions upon millions if they store toxic waste>>>HONEST

Albert said...

It looks to me that the end of that rainbow is sitting over Sainsbury's Prenton,if there was any pot of gold around there it would have well and truly been sold off at Birkenhead market,I see Ronald McDonald has found another way of slowing the traffic down,instead of using his moo cows to do it, he is giving trout farm an overhaul.

Vinogirl said...

Great picture.