Monday, 4 July 2011

4th of July

To my American family,friends and readers....have a great day and enjoy all that today offers and means.


Affer said...

I suppose we should wish them a happy 4th of July, but frankly, what have they achieved since we banished them from the UK? A lesson there for Scotland I think.

Thud said...

Affer....I think that george the german will look quite attractive to our American cousins when La Raza takes over in not too many years time.

Electro-Kevin said...

I thank God that they DID achieve independence.

The hamburger might never have been invented otherwise.

PISSED said...

Thud, Thanks for Stopping by the Blog :)



Black Sheep said...

Thank you. We too are very happy we fought you and won our independence from you, otherwise we would still be paying those huge taxes for tea, and I bet coffee too, which is actually more important to us.

Now we get to pay huge taxes for virtually everything instead of just tea and perhaps coffee. So thank you again for joining us in our celebration of onerous taxation regardless of who's in charge.

Affer needs to brush up a tad on his history lessons. Banished us from the UK? Umm, no....

The problem with any government is that they all become tyrants eventually.