Sunday, 3 July 2011

My little left footer

As the date for the departure to our American home approaches, plans are being made for what is going to be a rather busy trip. The first event of our summer is the christening of my baby son in this church. The church is a small town church of no great import but it does have a great priest and we happily had the young lads two sisters christened there in the last few years. After the ceremony, our happy bunch of left footers will repair to one of the many local eateries to celebrate the happy event with a suitable feast and a couple of bottles of Napas finest wine....roll on summer in California.


monkey said...

It's sure to be an eventful summer but this is one thing I'm mostly looking forward to (apart from getting hitched) it should a great day with great family.

Trubes said...

Congratulations to the young Princeling on his Baptism. God bless him, and his little sisters too!


Vinogirl said...

Can't wait :)