Friday, 1 July 2011

Doodle do 3

The finial is now ready for its final painting and looks pretty much as good as I had visualised and hoped. The basic design is taken from several surviving finials on Gothic style houses dotted around the Wirral so it should fit in well with the overall refurb of the house. It also looks a little like the Empire state building and being short of giant gorillas I substituted a pink thing to add excitement to my picture....I lead a very dull life!


Electro-Kevin said...

I could have thought of a better colour to do it in than pink.

Vinogirl said...

With the bench as a reference point, I know see that the finial is rather large!

Albert said...

I thought that Vinogirl but I was waiting for Thuds explanation, went around this am and checked out the Lime wash and the bargeboards, mrs A recommends a visit as piccys don't do the work justice.

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