Thursday, 3 November 2011

Guns and girls

I picked up one of the above today for the Missus and little uns to do a little shooting with as larger gauge shotguns are a tad wearing on my diminutive females.....our plague of tree rats had best keep their wits about them!


Albert said...

You and the girls and son and mrs Thud could have a lot more fun with a tractor fitted with a piece of kit to cut down the tree's , it's a much better way to pee off those "tree rats" by taking away their homes,all your going to do is chuck a load of lead around in hope you hit one, you have a better chance of running them over.

haddock said...

the Princess OTWs will give the teachers a fit of the vapours when they get to writing the "what we did at the weekend" stories...'we blasted some tree rats it was brill but then we had to stop to dig some footings while Dad blogged and drank cider.'
I can see 'letters home' in the offing

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Shoot the rats and keep the walnuts.

Electro-Kevin said...

I kill about 5 pheasants a day.

I quite often get rabbits - the odd buzzard and I once had an otter.

They all chuck themselves in front of my train. I kill more animals than a vet does.