Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Home is where the hearth is.

Time spent dry laying the brick as we do the cuts for the Herringbone pattern is time well spent given our capacity for messing up (I'm being polite) measurements. I usually cut the hearths we lay from granite but given the semi rustic nature of the gate lodge I thought a brick base for the multi fuel stove would be more suitable...we shall see.


Scrobs... said...

That will look great!

Bet the last bits are tight...;0)

beast said...

I need a good builder
Shame that you are now a wooly back and I have become a southern jesse

So near yet so far (+

Seriously that is a nice piece of work
I had a friend was was the best brickie you could imagine always finished a wall with the end of a win bottle
daft cunt killed himself last year using a borrowed drill, electrocution

Thud said...

Beast... the transition to woolyback has been traumatic, as for southern jesse. you don't seem to have softened too much.

James Higham said...

Designer as well as builder eh?

Thud said...

James,,,more of a gofer and dogsbody!

cheshire wife said...

I am not sure how rustic you would consider our farm workers cottage to be. We have a tiled hearth.

phlegmfatale said...

wow. The brick looks fantastic. The amount of work we do on my Great American Hovel pales in comparison to your craftsmanship and accomplishments with your lovely home. It's a delight to see it taking shape. What a cozy nest for Family OTW. Well done!